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The Great AMerican Cassette Masters DVD release features an interview with Mike Honeycutt - Mystery Hearsay

Here's a review on Tabs Out


Two collaborstions with Jack Hertz: THe Angels have all gone away and 25 Peaks

Jack Hertz and the IAM label present the album with Mike Honeycutt (AKA Mystery Hearsay). 25 Peaks was released Monday February 3rd, 2014 on Aural Films.

No rainbows and fairies here. This one goes out to all the Twin Peaks fans. The cold winds blow across the frozen lake where the sycamore trees whisper secrets.

You can download this and other Aural Films albums from the catalog at:





There's a project that has been the main focus over the last few years:

Waiting World Records is proud to announce Cultivation Series Volume 1 from the post-industrial/dark ambient outfit

Kuwahara ( Mike Honeycutt and M. Peck )

is now available : [here]

Unlike many sophomore releases, this 45 minute slab of gnarled soundscapes and shimmering audio poetics are

remixes of the tracks featured on the groups highly acclaimed debut HoneyCult.

Cultivation Series Volume 1 features remixes from some of today's most notable sound artists

and standouts in their genres with offerings from

WILT, Steve Brand, Mannequin Hollowcaust, Andrew Lagowski and two previously unreleased tracks from Kuwahara.

Make no mistake, these are not just rehashed renditions of the original tracks and come off as something entirely new to the listener.

Each artist left their own mark on the tracks leaving the release as a whole, a very fluid and coherent offering,

albeit jaundiced and decrepit, this album reeks of brilliance in a most progressive manner.

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Attenuation Circuit - it's done - our 14th issue IRRADIATED of our download-compilation series is out now! have a look: Collaboration with Zan Hoffman LARB http://emerge.bandcamp.com/album/irradiated

Now the first track on BC. Several solo releases over the last 3 decades: https://mysteryhearsay.bandcamp.com/

Now available, [Flesh Tomb] CD release on the Monochrome Vision label.


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